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DMOD for MCBE Client (Keystrokes+ Auto-GG and More)

DMOD for MCBE Client (Keystrokes+ Auto-GG and More)

DMOD is a fun mcpe/be texture pack (or client), similar to Sketch Client or Lotad Client, DMOD focuses on fun features like keystrokes (show a visual of current keys pressed), java similarities (such as the visibility of crosshairs in 3rd person, a popular java feature), and more!


Keystrokes show a visual of your current keys held (or movement) in game!

Base format: (no keys held)



Left & Right:


One of the first things you will also notice after installing DMOD is the custom load text that says: DMOD loading..., you can customise the colour of this in chat settings:

DMOD Also comes with a custom ui (made by the amazing dev Klutzy)


Crosshair in 3rd person:

The crosshairs in 3rd person are another feature of DMOD similar to java clients! It will show your crosshair in all perspectives aswell as being customisable in game from two toggle options, a vanilla cross crosshair or one similar to Snowfault’s crosshair (By Looshy, Ported by Krynotic)

Auto-GG is a death message replacer, similar to java clients it will show a GG in chat (Short for Good Game) when you die! Due to the way it works it will only work in local multiplayer and singleplayer. (It may work on very very few servers that don’t overwrite the chat messages) Auto-GG:

Keystrokes are also customisable!! So if you don’t like the design you can change it! Another design:

(These are the new updated design for default)
DMOD - By Drakonx












Whats New!

New UI - By Klutzyy (This will be a separate download for those who want it and don’)

Start Screen

Loading Screen/s

Pause & Emote Screen

Capes!!!!! This update has custom DMOD capes (Made by AV_Crafter) that will appear on all players!

New Mods Menu

Toggle/Lock Co Ords

Auto-GG will now say gg when you win rather than on death.

Bug Fixes:

Keystrokes now will appear in all perspectives and won’t move and take damage with view bobbing on!

The pack will now not show ui related errors.