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GTools (11 more tools update)

More items for your minecraft world. GTools will add more usefull items to your world

GTools (11 more tools update)


Gtools is an addon that will add 13 different items to your game. The items:

Iron/Diamond/Netherite Hammer: this tool can break 3x3 while mining(it will only destroy stones)

Iron/Diamond/Netherite logaxe: Destroy a whole tree

Chunk water/lava bucket: fills a chunk of water or lava bucket (won't replace blocks)

Bottomless Water/Lava bucket: a bucket with infinite water/lava

Katana: just a cool sword

Diamond watch: control time

Weather changers: changes weather, 3 for now, clear/rain/thunderstorm

Wooden/stone/iron/diamond/Netherite Broadsword: A big sword with more damage

Sieve: sieve dirt

Radio: not completed for now

Those are the 24 items, more items coming soon.

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8cmrry1hgyc5f6c/GTools.mcaddon/file