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The Ty-el's UI Pack

The Ty-el's UI Pack is an UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI, which add some features, tweaks and, also new clicking sounds(!), to make your experience somehow better but still keep the original Vanilla feelings. Compatible with texture packs from external or from marketplace, or some resource packs that improve your gameplay, because why not?!

The Ty-el's UI Pack

Creator: @tlgm2308 (Twitter)


- For full experience, you need to set your UI Profile to Classic, because Inventory Buttons additions aren't available in Pocket UI Profile yet, and avoid Utility layer bug when in HUD Screen.

- This pack may not compatible properly if you use this with other packs that have UI changed or modified.

- Currently supported language: English (both en_US and en_GB) and Vietnamese, I will add more language supports soon. If you want to contribute your language, contact my Twitter @tlgm2308.


Main Features

  • Inventory Screen

- Added Drop Items buttons to all container screens and Destroy Items buttons (only in Inventory Screen/Crafting Table Screen and in Creative Mode only).

- Choose any items in inventory you want to drop or destroy, then press the chest with down arrow icon button to drop, or trash bin icon button to destroy. "x1" for one item, "All" for a full slot you chosen to be dropped or destroyed.

- Added Quick Craft button to inventory/crafting screen, crafting is now easier and faster than before!

- Moved Creative/Recipe Book category toggle to the left side of the screen, looks similar like recipe book on Java Edition.

  • Chest Screen

- Added Quick Loot toggle to Chest-related Screens and Redstone Screens (Hopper, Dispenser and Dropper) for faster looting items from containers, best for PvP and for Touch users!

- To use this, just simply enable Quick Loot toggle and tap any items (or Left Mouse Button if on PC) in containers, items will instantly go to your inventory! If you are on PC, you don't need to hold Shift when you enabled this toggle!

  • HUD Screen

- Added Compass and Clock to HUD Screen to manage your gametime easier and also, locate to your original world spawn better than ever.

- For Touch users only, added Hide HUD button at the bottom right of the screen to easily hide HUD without enter the settings screen, and 2 hotbar controller buttons at the hotbar to navigate your hotbar better (or not?).

If you play on Lefty Mode? Don't worry, the Hide HUD button will be automatically located at the bottom left of the screen!

- XP bar always visible even when in creative mode!

- Chat now have light animations.

- Also titles and subtitles now have smaller font size, and never getting out-of-the-screen if the titles are too long!

- Scoreboard Sidebar Objective name now have darker background, match Java!

  • Settings Screen

Settings Screen/World Settings

- Now mostly all dropdowns use button mode instead of the original dropdown!

- Small improvements

Settings Screen/Quick Settings

Quick Settings screen: Go to Settings, and press ≡ button at the top right of the screen. Here you can change Camera Perspective, Brightness, FOV, and more... with a fully clean live background!

  • Start Screen

Main Start Screen

- Redesigned Start Screen, and added Marketplace-styled sidebar menu!

- This is some supported buttons in sidebar menu:

Start Screen Sidebar

  • Chat Screen

Added 2 buttons to autocomplete chat commands and 2 buttons to undo or redo messages easily, best for Touch users.

Other Features

* Redesigned some screens

Play Screen, with vertical animations

Progress Screen

Death Screen (added subtitle and fading black background when screen animations enabled, changed buttons offsets)


Profile Card is no longer a *card*! Skin Preview is now rotatable!


* Others, Java Parity and Vanilla Fixes

- New clicking sounds (inspired from Core UI sounds)

- Removed Touch circle (100% no content log errors when Content Log is enabled)

- Custom panorama supports (only visible when not in game)

- Java Parity: You can now rename any items in Anvil, or in Cartography Table, or search any items, up to 50 characters (was 30)!

- Java Parity: You can change language directly in game!

- Added VSync toggle and Max Framerate slider in Settings/Video Screen!

- Other small vanilla improvements and fixes

Terms of Use


- Make content about this pack as long as you leave the correct MCPEDL download link in the description

- Edit four modifiable texts in language file: "deathScreen.message", "deathScreen.subtitlemessage", "inBed.title" and "inBed.subtitle"

- Customize some variables in /ui/_global_variables.json file, with instructions

- Add your own custom panorama (see Installation below)


- Use, or claim any of my code and use as your own, please respect my hard works ;-;

- Re-upload this pack to different sites without my permissions

- Make contents about this pack but no credits or use any different direct download links instead of MCPEDL link

Final Notes

If you found any bugs, or feedbacks about this pack, let me know on my Twitter, @tlgm2308.

Special Thanks to

- NetherNinja - Drop Items buttons inspiration idea (sorry ;-;)

- LukasPAH and wiki.bedrock.dev website - Item ID AUX and UI documentations

- Minecraft Vanilla UI and Sounds by ©Microsoft and ©Mojang Studios

- And some other inspirations from contents by DualRed, RandomityGuy, Tcbdxh and DrAv0011's Bedrock Tweaks.


1. Download the mcpack file leaved below.

2. Open the mcpack file you downloaded, game will automatically install for you.

3. Open Minecraft, go to Settings -> Global Resources -> Activate the Pack

4. Exit Settings and play.

* How to add custom panorama:

1. Add and replace your own .png wallpaper (panorama) image file to: /(this pack folder name)/textures/custom_panorama.png (must replace the invisible custom_panorama.png file)

2. (Optional but Recommended) Open /(this pack folder name)/ui/_global_variables.json file and modify:

 "$settings_gray_bg_visible": false,

(set to false) and

"$fill_alpha": 0.4,

0.4 or lower if you want (minimum 0)

3. Open your game, activate the pack and enjoy